Our Story

Lion Heart Co. works with a collective of artisans located in the mountain region of Ecuador.  We started with a passion to enable artisans to create a living for themselves and their families by sharing their beautiful goods with the rest of the world.  This passion, along with the growing need for sustainable products in today's global marketplace, helped to create what is today Lion Heart Co. 

The artisans who weave the agave in the villages of Ecuador inherited the techniques from their ancestors.  Weaving has been an integral part of the Ecuadorian culture even before Ecuador was a country.  In fact, most of the weavers consider themselves descendants of the original Incans and still speak the native language of Quechua.  

The tradition of weaving agave is by far the most sustainable in the region.  It not only utilizes a varietal of agave that is native to the land, but the production life cycle is started and completed in the same village.  The artisans grow, sustainabley harvest, process into threads, naturally dye, and weave the agave.  This mother-earth loving production process is something that we at Lion Heart are so proud to share with the world!

Slow fashion is a huge part of our message.  Quality over quantity is how we function as a collective.  This sometimes means a single tote can take a month to produce.  However, we know this also means the artisans have work for a month.  And, the products are given the utmost love throughout the entire production cycle.  So, we think our process is superior and hope you can see the quality in our goods as well!